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The International Journal of Collaborative-Dialogic Practices has published its latest volume!


Dr. Anderson's recent trip to China!

Dr. Harlene Andserson returned from a recent trip to Beijing, China, from the 8th Academic Conference on Traditional Chinese Culture and Postmodern Psychology. 

Dr. Anderson's visit was organized by Haibo Zeng, a former colleague who spent a year at HGI several years ago. Upon returning to Beijing, Zeng facilitated a workshop on Collaborative-dialogic Practice.

Dr. Anderson's contributions to this field were also recognized during the trip. She was presented with an award for Distinguished Contributions to Collaborative Dialogic Practices in China, an honor that was a complete surprise and deeply touched her.

News from Narrativ, the ICCP group from Czech Republic!

On March 16th, 2024, ICCP graduates met in Brno, Czech Republic. The organizing group NARATIV has been offering the ICCP program since 2010 and is about to graduate the ninth group of participants. Next year, Narativ plans to open the ICCP program in two locations in Czechia, support the ICCP program in Slovakia, and continue with an advanced program in Collaborative and Dialogic practices.


On April 27th and 27th, 2024, ICCP program participants from Czechia and Slovakia met in Bratislava, Slovakia, to attend a workshop with Sheila McNamee titled "Relational Processes in Counseling, Therapy, and Supervision." There are currently 30 ICCP program participants in both countries who are about to graduate in June 2024.

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