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The ICCP network grew out of conversations around the world with people who wanted to learn more about collaborative-dialogic and postmodern/social construction practices. People felt isolated, having no or very few conversational partners with whom they could talk and exchange ideas and practices, and they had a strong desire to connect with others who had similar interests and passions. Importantly, they were challenged by the travel and time commitments of studying in other countries and trying to piece together learning by attending conferences and short workshops. They longed for something local and substantive.


In response, Harlene Anderson contacted colleagues around the world who had training programs in post-graduate institutes and universities to see if they would be interested in creating a certificate program in collaborative practices. The response was overwhelmingly positive and reinforced the idea that people were hungry for the learning and community connection. So the International Certificate in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices was born and now has programs around the world.


The conversations continued, workshops were created, reflections were shared, and the program evolved into what is now known as the ICCP Network, with member organizations from all over the world.

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