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Center for Creative Dialogue


The International Certificate in Collaborative Practices (126 hours) is an intensive program organized over the course of two years.  The beginning class started in September 2013, with graduation in August 2015. The second ICCP program is November 2016 to June 2019.  The program embraces the key concept in postmodern philosophy, social construction theory, collaborative practice, reflective processes, and open dialogue.  Additional on-line learning and resources are part of this program. The certification is provided by the Huston Galveston Institute, the Taos Institute and Center for Creative Dialogue.


國際合作取向實踐課程(126小時)是一個為期兩年的密集型計劃。 第一屆課程開始於2013年9月,2015年8月畢業。第二屆課程是2016年11月至2019年6月。課程涵蓋了後現代哲學,社會建構理論,合作實踐,反思實踐和開放式對話的關鍵概念。 另外,線上學習的資源也是包含在計劃中的一部分。 本認證課程由Huston Galveston研究所,陶斯研究所(Taos Institute)和茵特森創意對話中心(CCD)提供。


The participants will:

  • Attend a two years-long seminar from CCD (96 hours)

  • Participate in a Supervision Seminar from CCD (30 hours)

  • Conducting a group workshop related to collaborative theory or practice in a mini conference held by CCD (Workshop can be presented at International Summer Institute in Mexico as option.)

  • Submit an article, based on his/her work, for the International Journal of Collaborative Practices (Bilingual submission, one is participants’ own mother language, one is translated to English) (Paper will be reviewed and given feedback by at least one peer in the Certificate Program)


  • 參加茵特森創意對話中心在兩年課程期間舉辦的研討會(96小時)

  • 參加茵特森創意對話中心舉辦的團體督導課程(30小時)

  • 在茵特森創意對話中心召開的小組共學課程中,進行與理論或實踐有關的小組討論(研討會可以在墨西哥國際暑期研究所作為選擇)。

  • 根據他/她的工作,提交一篇研究報告。


Wu Xi Xuan


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