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The 4th International Congress on Collaborative-Dialogic Practice will take place in Brno, Czech Republic on June 27 - 29, 2019 and will focus on the exploration and practice of Collaborative-Dialogic Practice across contexts, cultures, and disciplines. We invite you to submit a proposal addressing our theme: inviting connection, conversation, creativity. We aim to be as active, open, participatory and diverse as possible. Proposals will be accepted for workshops, paper presentations, and posters.


We would love to have a wide range of submissions: you can send proposals based, for example, on your experiences, practices, and research in social intervention, conflict mediation, and resolution, psychotherapy, political action, education, social work, sociology, anthropology, health care, among others. We are interested in presentations that are interactive and conversational and we invite your creativity in designing your presentation.


Once we receive the proposal, the Committee will review it and communicate with you about ideas or possible improvements, if necessary. We suggest – though not mandatory- that all proposals be submitted by two or more persons to facilitate a larger dialogue.


The printed program will include the name of facilitators, affiliation and session title in English. The title and abstract will be published on the website in English. Workshops, papers, and posters may be presented in your language of choice, which you will be asked to indicate on the application form.




Workshops will be 1 ½ hours. We propose that workshops have a practical and experiential format and include as much interaction and dialogue with participants, and among participants, as possible. We invite you to consider teaming up with people from different groups or countries, to help facilitate transcultural and diverse dialogue, not just among yourselves as facilitators, but with the participants.



Posters are an exceptional opportunity to present and publicize your work, graphically and dialogically; for instance, your research in progress or completed, publications, experiences, or case studies. We encourage you to facilitate interaction and dialogue with participants during the whole event, and not just at the time allotted for posters presentations (approximately 1 h. 30 m. - 2 hours). The poster format is flexible, although there will be a recommended poster size.




We accept diverse formats like papers, photographs, and other artistic or symbolic forms. You will be asked to specify the form of your presentation.  These presentations will be grouped with others that are of similar content, thereby providing no more than 7-15 minutes for each presenter. They will take the following forms: 


TAD TALK:  Like the famous TED Talks, TAD Talk presenters will prepare and deliver a vibrant 10-minute talk with slides (images only; no words/text) and this will also include 5 minutes for comments, for a total of 15 mins. There will be six TAD Talks sharing a 1.5-hour session.


PECHAKUCHA:  20 images, each image for 20 seconds.  The images advance automatically as the speaker talks.  Total time:  6.66 minutes (let’s call it 7 minutes!). There will be 8-9 Pechakucha presentations sharing a 1.5 hour session with 30 mins for discussion across presentations. Learn about Pechakucha here:






  • All facilitators/presenters must register for the Congress.

  • Collective proposals in which all members are not able to attend and want their name in the program: each contributor must be listed on the Proposal application form.


See you in Brno!

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Closed :-(

If you have any question, please write us:

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