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USA, Los Angeles County

Now I See A Person Institute


Now I See A Person Institute is a non-profit graduate and postgraduate teaching and clinical institution using Collaborative-Dialogical Practices of Community Engagement: A Collaborative Recovery Model, horses and a nurturing and normal environment for clients to heal from severe trauma and resultant challenges not previously assisted by seeking services. Our learners need neither horses or a normalizing environment to attend and learn about our philosophy of Collaborative Practices of transcending deficiency labels, including the client’s family and community support systems to create change, and options to participate in our research and zoom or in person reflection teams. Our course catalogue for our 120 plus hour ICCP learning program and faculty can be found on This catalogue serves as an example of available themes, but we see our ICCP as a living educational endeavor as we see our clinical work. Potential learners can design their own programs with the collaboration of faculty, and obtain desired supervision or CEU hours.


Susan Swim, Ph.D.



In the ICCP program,  I learned to promote non- pathological language and focus on areas of strengths when working with clients. This educational experience was comforting and moving due to its healing focus nature. I learned to practice no agenda and be present at all times. With authentic listening ears and heart.

When I was in graduate school, I was taught to sit down and ask clients questions. Here at NISAPI, I learned to build a relationship with each individual and family naturally. I saw many people found strength within them and moved on with their lives at NISAPI.

Under the astute teaching and supervision of Dr Susan Swim above all I learned how listen to my clients. Truly listening to my clients allows me to understand their needs through their social construction. As such, listening has given me the ability to be, humble, non judgmental, and multi-partial which all integral factors in the process of healing.

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