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Dear Wonderful Friends,

Our current numbers show more than 450 participants!!! We feel so happy, excited, and grateful with you'All! We are preparing the final details for you all having a fantastic and memorable experience.

This is our first virtual congress, and we are nervous about technology, connectivity, and other details that we might not be able to control or manage, so we are hoping that you will be kind and supportive, as we are learning how to create a special event for you.

We are sooo looking forward to welcoming you during the Opening Session with Harlene Anderson, Ken Gergen, Sheila McNamee, and Jaakko Seikkula this Saturday, June 5th @ 9:00 am EST (New York time). Most importantly, we are so thrilled to see you all again and reconnect, get to know you better if this is your first time with us, and co-learn together!!!

(1) You received an email from "Acceptiva" when you registered and received your receipt: - In this email you have the link to the final program, which contains all the links to the workshops and sessions, and the passcode to access this program with zoom links. The website link to have access to the Program with Zoom links is this one: 2021 V ICCP Virtual Meeting | iccp ( We will not use one zoom link for all the sessions and workshops. It is important that you utilize the program to guide you on the link that will be used for the sessions or workshops that you are planning to attend.

(2) We recommend that you have the most updated zoom versión and good connection to internet.

If you had any questions or concerns as facilitators, please access your Program Directors for support and if you still have questions, please let us know at

If you had any questions or concerns as participants, please let us know at

If you had further questions or concerns that require immediate attention, you can reach Monica Sesma at:

During the Opening and Closing sessions, if you had any urgent questions, you can reach out Monica via WhatsApp at +1-403-918-6509

Please let me know if you need any further information or clarification.

Looking forward to greeting you all!!!

Hugs, Monica Sesma

On behalf of the Core Organizing Team



5th Bi-Annual ICCP International Meeting

New Times, New Horizons: Creating Possibilities for Collaboration and Dialogue

Opening, June 5th - Closing June 26th

Join the ICCP Community, during three weeks in June, for an international, virtual event starting June 5 and closing on June 26.

There will be many workshops, meetings and opportunities for networking.


The program is live.

Details including the fees, registration, etc. are available.

Special guests for the Opening Session include Jaakko Seikkula, Harlene Anderson, Sheila McNamee and Kenneth Gergen.

Please forward the information to interested colleagues!

Thank you very much for beeing here.

The ICCP Board,

Harlene Anderson

Saliha Bava

Susan Levin

Sylvia London

Sheila McNamee

The ICCP Executive Director,

Mónica Sesma-Vázquez

The ICCP Directors,

Adela García, FundaCes, Argentina

Marilene Grandesso, INTERFACI, Brasil

Eduardo Villar, Sistemas Humanos, Colombia

Rocío Chaveste & M.L., Papusa, Molina, Instituto Kanankil, Mérida, Yucatán, México

Sylvia London & Ñeca Rodriguez. Grupo Campos Elíseos, CDMX, México

Anne Hedvig-Vedeler, ICCP, Norway

Leticia Rodríguez, Enfoque Niñez, Paraguay

Nelly Chong & Roxana Zevallos, IFASIL, Perú

Josep Seguí Dolz, ENDIÁLOGO, España

Pavel Nepustil, Narativ, The Czech Republic

 Shi-Jiuan Wu, Center for Creative Dialogue, Taiwan

Diana Carleton, Adriana Gil-Wilkerson, & Susan Levin, Houston Galveston Institute, Texas, USA

Susan Swim, Now I See a Person Institute, California, USA

Diego Tapia Figueroa & Maritza Crespo Balderrama, IRYSE, Ecuador

The main speakers are:

WELCOME!!! >>>



NEWS >>>




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