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May 27, 2019



Dear Friends


Welcome to the ICCP 2019 Conference in Brno Czech Republic, we would like to make your visit to Brno as pleasant and interesting as possible. The organization of this gathering has been very carefully crafted for many months by a group of dedicated colleagues. We would like to create together with each one of you a caring learning community with a sense of participation and belonging.


Collaborative Concierges


The collaborative concierges are a group of colleagues who will be available through out the conference looking out for your personal and relational needs. We will have a space that you can visit if you need information or just want to hang out. You can identify us by the white aprons.


Come visit our table it will be full of friendly smiles, information and surprises.


The Concierges are: Marilene ( Brasil, Portuguese), Ñeca and Sylvia (México, Spanish-English) Diana, Josie, (USA. English)  Richard,  (USA-Ecuador English-Spanish) Nelly and Roxana (Perú, Spanish and English), Tsung-Cheng (Taiwan, Chinese and English), Premysl (Czech Republic Czech and English) –


Concierges Colaborativos


Somos un grupo de colegas interesados en tu bienestar personal y relacional Sí tienes dudas, necesitas información, quieres conversar ó solo pasar un buen rato lleno de sonrisas y sorpresas, acércate a nosotros, estaremos en una mesa en algún lugar de la universidad.


Nos puedes  identificar por los delantales blancos con el logo del congreso.


Marilene ( Brasil, Portugués), Ñeca and Sylvia (México, Español-English) Diana, Josie, ,  (USA. English)  Richard (USA, Ecuador, English-Español)  Nelly and Roxana (Perú, Español- English), Tsung-Cheng (Taiwan, Chinese and English), Premysl (Czech Republic Czech and English).


Language/ Translation and Interpretation


We are a multinational multilingual learning community. We are doing our best to make this conference friendly to English, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech and Chinese.  In your nametags you will find colored strips that will orient everyone regarding the languages you speak:


Blue: English

Red: Spanish

Green: Portuguese

Purple: Czech

Yellow: Chinese


We used the information you sent on the registration survey. If there are languages missing in your nametag or they are not accurate please approach the collaborative concierge table for adjustments.


Volunteer translators


There are volunteer translators to all these languages. Our volunteers are available to help out with translation during plenaries, workshops and informal conversations. Each one of us can become a collaborative concierge (host) by helping out when needed.


Plenaries and Conversation with


All the plenaries will be in English with sequential translation into Spanish, while the translation is going on there will be whispering translation to other languages. If you need translation, please sit in the area of the auditorium mark with the language you speak.


Translation and interpretation during the conference


During each slot, the program committee chose to offer workshops in different languages. Most presentations are in English, presentations in other languages, (marked in the program), will be translated into English.


For translations into other languages, please contact the language delegate.


Each language team will organize itself to support each other in preparing, presentations and choosing workshops to translate by whispering translation.


The delegates for each language are:










Adriana: and


Please feel free to contact the Language committee with questions and requests


See you in Brno


Sylvia and Adriana

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