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The hotels are located 15 minutes walking from the Congress Site




Brno has only a small airport with limited number of regular flights. Currently, there is a regular connection with Berlin Schönefeld, London Stansted and Milan Bergamo only.


London/Stansted - Brno

Milan/Bergamo - Brno

Berlin Schönefeld - Brno



From Wien Airport Schwechat you can take Regiojet bus to Brno Main Station

It takes about 2,5 hour and arrives 10 times a day. Price: about 11 – 20 EURO




or (Price: about 17 EURO)

The Regiojet bus stop is situated in the bus terminal. After the exit from the new arrival hall go to the right. The buses depart from the platform number 2 and 3.

The transfer to the Regiojet trains depart from the platform number 2.

Wien airport.jpg


You can take bus from Terminal 1 to Main Station (Praha Hlavní nádraží)

- every 30 minutes


from Main Station take subway „C“ to Florenc


and from Florenc ÚAN take Regiojet or Flix bus to Brno

- hourly


Total Price: about 10 EURO


or you can take train from Main station to Brno

- hourly


Price: about 7-17 EURO



You can take Flix bus:

or Regiojet bus:

(Bus stop is located on 2nd floor of Premuim parking between 2a and 2b terminals. There is yellow board with white bus in black circle. RegioJet buses are departing from one of places marked BUSZ).


or you can take bus from Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 to Astoria M

- every 20 minutes

- Bus No.: 100 E


 and then bus from Astoria M to Keleti pályaudvar - Main Station

- every 5 minutes

- Bus No.: 5, 7, 110, 112, 907, 973

Price:  about 2 EURO

and then by train or bus to Brno Main Station (with 1 and more transfers)

Budapest bus.JPG

IMPORTANT WEB SITES (BUS online reservation system) (TRAIN + BUS online reservation system) (schedulded flights to Brno) (All Public transport in Brno)




Due to the closure for major renovations of the Brno Main Train Station (Brno hlavní nádraží) in 2019, long distance trains will operate out of the Brno dolní nádraží train station.


From BRNO DOLNÍ NÁDRAŽÍ train station to BRNO city centre

The Brno dolní nádraží train station is a 10 - to 15 - minute walk from the city centre, or you can take bus route 61 which operates at 10 - minute intervals. Bus stop is situated in front of Dolní nádraží train station (see map:

You do not need a public transportation ticket for this journey; in the event of ticket inspection, show the ticket inspector your valid train ticket.

We have designed three different guided tours. Please take a look:

Vegetable market.jpg

Classical Tour – City Center

Duration: 1hour 45 minutes

Capacity: unlimited

Free tour Brno is a walking tour that covers the old town of Brno. Our local guide (with a native level of English) will take you to the most interesting sights such as Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Old town hall, Kapucin crypt, Vegetable market, Denis garden and others. After this tour, you will be well informed about the history of the city, famous personalities, as well as about its current trends and "it" places. With our recommendations, we will inspire you to explore more of the city by yourself. Come and join us.

This tour will be guided by a group Free Tour Brno. They will be expecting some tips at the end of the tour.


Exploring Brno Architecture Tour

Duration of tour: 1 hour 30 minutes

Capacity: unlimited

Brno is full of valuable historical buildings and interesting places. Come and enjoy with us famous architecture in Brno with our English speaking friend. The tour consists of visiting Löw-Beer Villa and the Tugendhat Villa garden.

Löw-Beer Villa

The restored Art Nouveau features an exhibition called The World of the Brno Bourgeoisie Around the Löw-Beers and the Tugendhats. It vividly presents chapters from the history of architecture and the lifestyle of the upper echelons of Brno from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. Short exhibitions are installed in the Celnice Gallery, which is located in the villa’s garden house. There is an entrance fee 150,- CZK (=6 EUR). More information:

Tugendhat Villa (short-term exhibition of garden)

The functionalist Brno villa is on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage sites. It was the first private house of its kind in Czechoslovakia which employed a steel load-bearing structure with columns on a cruciform floor plan. Onyx from Northern Morocco, Italian travertine, and veneer from exotic woods such as rosewood, zebrawood, and Makassar ebony decorate the interior. The technology used in the house, such as hot-air heating or electrically-operated windows make it absolutely unique. There is an entrance fee 50,- CZK (garden) More:

Duck Bar.jpg

Alternative Culture Tour – „Kamenka“

Duration of the tour: 2 hours (plus much more in DuckBar if you want)

Capacity: 30 persons

Do you want to know about which place in Brno is it said that maybe you will not want to live here but you will want to die here? 

Kamenka is a special and peculiar alternative of a city life and it flourishes for the whole year. You will find craftmen workshops here, kids playing footbal in front of the houses and students spending time in the local pub. Kamenka has its own festival and people from Brno are used to take small walks here that usually ends in the local pub called DuckBar.

Together with our friend Lenka who lives here and speaks good English, we will experience a unique atmosphere of this special part of Brno, we will get to know more about the history of Kamenka that used to be a workers settlement and a spontaneous way of building houses shows some problems of contemporary cities. And we will also experience the local community way of life that is attractive for people who like to live differently. We will end the walk in the legendary DuckBar. If you will have some music instrument with you, this will be the right place to take it with you!

You can find some pictures of Kamenka here:



Let’s get to know Brno with us - locals (or us who love Brno and have moved in here years ago! :). We like this city. We would like to share our favourite places to go to.

Please, open the info in pdf:

Or click on the image below:


Explore Brno 

Click on the image below:

Explore Brno.JPG

Take a look! The Guardian: Czech out Brno for a cheaper, calmer city break. (Picture: King of the night scene … Super Panda Circus Bar. Photograph: Jiri Alexander Bednar)



The Czech Republic uses its own currency which is Czech koruna (CZK). Please buy some CZK, even though credit cards are accepted widely and EUR is accepted frequently. But small stores and local retail often accept only CZK. In Brno. The exchange offices are mostly spread in the city center, between „Česká“ street and main railway station.  Please click on the image:

1000-2000-bills (1).jpg


When you travel to Brno in June you can expect: commonly rain, sometimes thunderstorm, uncommonly fog and expect a pleasant weather. The range of average daytime temperatures are around 18℃ and 27℃. Brno in June experiences a pleasant and warm days with heavily overcast sky. Typically temperature fluctuates around 23℃ and wind is light breeze. Source: hikersbay.