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The International Certificate in Collaborative and Dialogic Practices at the Kanankil Institute in Yucatan, Mexico, provides professionals with an intensive and in-depth study of the Collaborative and Dialogic philosophical stance, through various disciplines and practices: therapy, education, organizational development, and research. The program includes the study of the theoretical and philosophical assumptions and their practical applications. The program is offered in the context of a community of collaborative learning in action: a learning environment where your knowledge and experience is valued and in which you receive full support and accessible professors.  Kanankil is the only institution offering post-graduate degrees in which all the curriculum content is designed from a socioconstructionist approach and Collaborative and Dialogic practices.

The program offers two different certifications:

  • Certification for professionals who want to learn and broaden their skills in collaborative practices.

  • Certification for teachers, supervisors and instructors who want to focus on education and training from a collaborative perspective in a variety of contexts.


Rocio Chaveste, Ph.D. Program Director
ML Papusa Molina, Ph.D. Executive Director


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