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First 2022 ICCP Coordinators Meeting

During our first meeting this year we had the opportunity to especially greet four people: Susan Levin, from the Houston Galveston Institute in Texas, USA; and Adela García, from FundaCes, Argentina. They are retiring as coordinators, which makes us very sad.

But we also had the honor to welcome their substitutes: Michael Pontello, from HGI; and Daniella Caparelli, from FundaCes, Welcome!

In addition, we have already organized an important event for the whole year: The Free International Multilingual Workshop Series. Soon we will give all kinds of information; but we invite you to save your dates. The workshops will be in English with simultaneous translation (languages to be announced)

Dates: Saturdays May 14, July 9, September 24 and November 19, 2022.

Time: 8 am-12 pm EST.


ICCP Network Coordination


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