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Kenneth Gergen will be with us during the Meeting!!!

Kenneth J. Gergen, Co-founder and President of The TAOS Institute, and author of, among others, the influential books The Saturated Self (1991), Realities and Relationships (1994), Relational Being (2009), will be with us during the Meeting.


Kenneth J. Gergen, Co-fundador y Presidente del TAOS Institute, y autor, entre otros, de los influyentes libros El yo saturado (1991), Realidades y relaciones (1994), El ser relacional (2004), estará con nosotros durante el Encuentro.


Kenneth J. Gergen, cofundador e presidente do TAOS Institute, e autor, entre outros, dos livros influentes The saturated self (1991), Realities and Relationships (1994), The relational being (2004), estará conosco durante o Encontro.


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