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Program Description

Sponsored by the Houston Galveston Institute and Taos Institute the International Certificate Program is a response to the numerous practitioners around the world who are interested in expanding their knowledge and competency in collaborative-dialogic practice. The Certificate Program provides practitioners across disciplines—therapy, organization development, education and research--an intensive, in-depth study of collaborative practices based in postmodern-social construction philosophy. The Program includes the study of the theoretical and philosophical assumptions and their application to practice in a variety of contexts and cultures.

Program Requirements

  • The participant will complete a minimum 120 hours of intensive learning experiences in social constructionism and collaborative and dialogical practices.

  • The program of learning includes course work (in-person and on-line), consultation/supervision, and special projects.

  • The program will be offered under the sponsorship of a local training program (i.e., university or postgraduate institute).

  • All course work may be completed at a single institution or may be completed at a single institution in combination with attendance at various trainings such as: the International Summer Institute, intensive study and workshops at postgraduate institutes (i.e, Kanankil, Houston Galveston Institute, Marburg Institute, Systemic Humanos, and Taos Institute), online courses (i.e., offered by the Houston Galveston Institute and Taos Institute), and working on a special project with learners in other programs.


The ICCP is co-sponsored and administered by the Houston Galveston Institute and the Taos Institute. The Board members are: Harlene Anderson, Saliha Bava, Sue Levin, Sylvia London and Sheila McNamee. The Executive Director is Marina Vinitsky.